Environmentalist, Wildlife Organization, & Earth Preservation in Columbus, Ohio

Planting - Outreach Program

Waterfalls - Outreach Program

Call Agent - Outreach Program 

Treatment Plans (Save The People)

Don’t suffer alone with substance abuse. Earth Temple has our own treatment program to help you get through this tough journey.

Save the Planet

Ensure that future generations have a safe place to call home. Learn about the environmental hazards that cause problems to the planet.
Earth Temple Corporation
Is a 501 (C-3) Nonprofit Organization

For Any Business or  Investigative Needs Worldwide, Visit C.O.P.S., All Ohio 24/7, & Godbrother LimoThese Businesses Donate 50% to Earth Temple.

Who We Are

Exist with a sense of purpose, and contact Earth Temple in Columbus, Ohio, to get involved in our nonprofit environmental charity and outreach program. Our Orthodox ecological ministry is the first African-American national environmental charity organization involved with wildlife protection, animal rights and nature conservation. Reaching out to communities through books, radio, internet and television, we spread the word about preserving the earth. 

We must work together for mankind to prevail. If we do not work as one, the death of the earth comes to pass. We educate on information that is not traditionally told and have the answer for every question, or we tell you where to find it.

Our lobbyist environmental charity sponsors community, educational, and ecological programs and events.  We have been a viable Ohio and West Virginia charity, since 1992, with an environmental Earth ministry "Orthodox, Ecological" (environmental).  Our charitable and social service programs began in Ohio.  We are expanding worldwide, to Lima, Peru to save the earth.  We want people Worldwide to be Earthwise.

Our Lobbying services help Legislation at Federal, State, and Local branches of Government.
Contact our ecologist at (614) 231-5595 in Columbus, OH, for a wildlife protection organization
prioritizing nature conservation, ministries, churches, and temples of the earth.