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Earth's Templar Knight

Concern for Environmental Issues

Save your planet and work with Earth Temple on the environmental issues plaguing the earth. Our only desire is to teach people the simple ways to save the planet we are continually destroying. Through ministry working as a pastor, we collaborate with other denominations and work with all members of God's Earthly Community.

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Nature Conservation

This Earth does not belong to us! We strive to keep this planet as healthy as possible. We inform you and others that while we belong to the earth, we do not possess it. Our three educational programs were televised, so people had access to the information they need.
"Earth Temple Speaks", "The Godbrother" and "The Lobby" were produced and viewed on public access TV by Reverend Hodge starting in 1992. Publicly televised in Columbus, Cleveland, Washington, DC, and Chicago, these 411 programs were informative and inspirational before the channel was discontinued in Columbus, Ohio since 2010. We now have 15 YouTube videos since 2010. Click here for more YouTube Videos

Bill Cosby the Hypnotist Video Earth Temple Story Video


Help us to educate our youth. We have arranged for multiple college students to visit nursing homes and ask the seniors citizens questions about life in the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Having our youth see how life is now in comparison to the past enables them to understand the ramification of their actions for future generations. Our volunteers will show these senior citizen's websites about their past, present and future interest. These revelations turn the senior citizen depression into anticipation, prolonging their life.

Obtain more knowledge regarding environmental issues and ways to help save our planet when you contact us at Earth Temple. Help support our environmental charity and contribute to our wildlife protection programs.

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Contact us at (614) 231-5595 in Columbus, OH, for more information about our rescue
operations, nature conservation, environmental charity and wildlife protection efforts.


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