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Project HO! HO! HO!

We'll come to your Christmas or Kwanzaa Party/Event on Saturday
December 10th or 17th, 2022 Free Limo Rides
10 am - 2 pm
Call us now. Our Limos will come to you FREE!
Call Toll-Free for Pick Up at 877-LAW-TONY or at (614) 231-5595
Any location within a 5-mile radius of downtown Columbus Ohio

Sign up while at the event for a chance to go on a FREE airplane ride during the month of April!

Every Christmas in America, some families lack the available resources to provide their children with a holiday gift. For the last 25 years, since 1990, Project Ho! Ho! Ho! has provided Christmas presents to thousands of urban children from the most deprived families. Along with the presents, Project Ho! Ho! Ho! rents several limousines for the children to ride and enjoy. The 100 or more blessed children are chauffeured for 30 minutes to OSU Don Scott Airfield and back each year after flying over Columbus (weather permitting), thanks to the Young Eagles Flying Program (F.A.A.).

If you like to support Project Ho! Ho! Ho! and donate dollars, food and/or toys this holiday season, please call (614) 231-5595. Arrangements can be made for donation pick-ups. We are a 501( C -3) tax-exempt organization (please call for EIN #), in the name of Christ, making the world a better place, starting with our community in central Ohio. Please help us help others.

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Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2021 Photos

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2021 - People Waiting Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2021 - People Smiling

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2021 - Mom's with their Children's

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2019 Photos

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2019 - Children's with their Parent's

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2019 - Children Waiting Outside the Door

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2019 - Children Outside of the Car

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2019 - People Talking

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2019 - People Waiting Outside the House

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2019 - Limousine

Project Ho! Ho! Ho! 2018

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