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Earth's Templar Knight



Tri-sexuality is a psychological and sociological phenomenon that has not been previously studied or labeled to any recorded degree until now. The tri-sexual disorder may not be a dysfunction of one's "normal behavior". What is normal behavior? Who sets the values? What aspect of society do we measure these values to come up with the "norm" or normal way one should act or perform. One of the oldest behaviors known to mankind is sexual indulgence.

In writing this book the author has taken into consideration that readers may be offended, humored or hopefully educated when reading about this new aspect of sexuality. Am I a tri-sexual? Are you a tri-sexual? We don't know until we learn what tri-sexuality is all about. Hopefully the reader will understand this unique, newly discovered sexual concept. Possibly then you will help eliminate the confusion which has created depression and darkened the lives of many people.

Written by: Dr. Anthony T. Hodge

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