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Earth's Templar Knight

Helpful Drug & Alcohol Abuse Assistance

Help give children the knowledge they need about drug and alcohol abuse and help Earth Temple in Columbus, Ohio. We have programs that fit your personality. This allows you to give children special experiences and reach them before reality takes hold of their innocence. Drugs and alcohol are everywhere, but before children have the option to experiment, we get them high on life.

Students - Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug & Alcohol Assistance

Take back control of your life. We have our own narcotics recovery program where you get the help you need to live a better life. Our main book, Lima to Lima(Peru) highlights the pains of substance abuse and addiction, as well as the emotional and physical pain associated with this disease.

Lima to Líma

Written by Dr. Anthony T. Hodge, this book focuses on the demands for drugs and the root of the problem. According to Hodge, the supply of drugs available is the main issue. Líma, Ohio is the example used in the book and signifies a typical drug infested mid-American community.  Narcotic producing countries first import the demand from countries of consumption like America.  Stimulating the supply of drugs, killing the free world, especially our youth.

Our Environmental/wildlife ministry provides educational, social service programs that sinse 1992 have helped over 25,000 families.  Our books enlighten and even entertain helping the learning process.  Many people don't know to protect their environment, they must be taught.

Throughout this book, Dr. Hodge discusses addiction, treatment, and recovery. As well as his investigative research in South America(Peru), Miami, Florida and Los Angeles, California. Investigative/Ecological needs are important to us in saving the planet, and Earth Temple has the knowledge and expertise to assist you.

Call (614) 231-5595 to reach Earth Temple in Columbus, OH, to ask about our animal, rights, groups, organizations and environment programs.


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