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Press Room

Rev. Hodge with Professor Bruce B. Jackson
To the right, Professor Bruce B. Jackson (BB) Esquire, (Godbrother) Former Law Professor at Chicago's John Marshall Law School and current Law Professor at Catholic University in Washington D.C. His clients include REV. Jeremiah E. Wright, Robin Roberts from Fox News, the late Walter Payton (NFL) and Donna Stone (Clement Stone) Chicago Billionaires. As a Chicago Loop Trial Lawyer, he's known as the "Wizard of Wacker."
BB is my cousin, Godbrother and fellow Central State Alumni.

Rev. Hodge with Eric Holder
To the left, Eric Holder, (Godbrother) Attorney General of the United States of America. Friend of Reverend Hodge and our Earth Environment. Reverend Hodge has befriended two other past Attorney Generals, the late senator William B. Saxbe and Former U.S. Attorney, Janet Reno (Miami, 1980).
Rev. Hodge, as a child, shook hands with Robert Kennedy (The Late Sen).

Rev. Hodge with Nancy Wilson
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s First Cousin Rev.  Joel L King, Pastor, Environmentalist and old friend of Dr. Hodge and Earth Temple Ministries for Forty Years

United States Department of Justice Environmental and Civil Rights Divisions

Rev. Hodge with Ted (Baritone) Williams
Ted (Baritone) Williams Americas Most Famous Homeless Man & Now Book Author, a friend of Earth Temple for 10 years

Rev. Hodge with Catherine Hughes
Catherine Hughes, Founder/Owner of TV One & Radio One (77 radio stations) she is a self made billionaire and a friend of Earth Temple.  

Benjamin Crump
An old friend and client of Dr. Anthony Hodge (Private Investigator) To the Right, World Famous Civil Rights Attorney, Environmentalist and Godbrother Benjamin Crump Esq.

Woman in Car
Carolyn Luckey B.A., M.A., PHD. Pending 
20 Year Earth Temple Volunteer, life long friend, and Supporter.
Carolyn is an alumni of Howard and New York Universities. Carolyn was the 1st admin. assistant to billionaire Catherine Hughes at WOL Radio.
The 1st of 77 radio/TV stations, now TV One/Radio One.
Before coming to Earth Temple Corp.

Mayor Andrew Ginther
Mayor Andrew Ginther of the city of Columbus, OH. with Dr. Tony Hodge, old friend since 2000.
We're both proud of our Native American roots.

Rev. Hodge with Nancy Wilson
The Late, Great, Nancy Wilson (Right) World known
Jazz Artist / Grammy Award Winner friends for 50 years and of Earth Temple

Daria Hodge with Coretta Scott King
Daria L. Hodge with Coretta Scott King

Andrew Young, Walt and Daria Hodge
Andrew Young, former Mayor of Atlanta and U.N. Ambassador with his younger brother Walt and Daria L. Hodge B.A., M.A., J.D.

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44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, (Godbrother) an old friend and Honorary Earth Templar Since 1997
44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, (Godbrother) an old friend and Honorary Earth Templar Since 1997
"America's Godbrother"

Former Miss  America ( 1972) Laurie Lea Schaefer and husband Major Michael Bozoukoff
Former Miss America ( 1972) Laurie Lea Schaefer and husband Major Michael Bozoukoff. Who we thank for the support of the earth temple as environmentalists.

Holy Image Appeared at Rev. Hodge's Mansion
Holy image appeared at Rev. Hodge's mansion.

Rev. Hodge with Sen. Sherrod Brown
Dr. Anthony Hodge with old friend and environmentalist being lobbied.
To the right, U.S. Sen Sherrod Brown

Former Ohio Senator, Att. Otto Beatty Jr., and His Wife U.S Congresswoman Joyce Beatty
Former Ohio Senator, Att. The Late Otto Beatty Jr. Esq., and His Wife U.S Congresswoman Joyce Beatty (God Brother to both)

Dr. Hodge with the Director of Columbus Library, Patrick Lizinski
Dr. Hodge with the CEO of Columbus Metropolitan Library, Patrick Losinski

Dr. Hodge with Cleveland Cavilers Coach
Dr. Hodge with the Cleveland Cavaliers Coach Tyronn Lue, "The World’s Greatest Coach", environmentalist and Godbrother.

Dr. Hodge with Andy The Billionaire/environmentalist and Dennis Rodman also environmentalist.

Dr. Anthony Hodge with Dennis Rodman NBA All-Star/Environmentalist and Andy The Multi-Millionaire/Philanthropist (Former Miami Dolphin)

Dr. Hodge with Dennis Rodman also Environmentalist

Dr. Hodge with Dennis Rodman also an Environmentalist


Dr. Anthony T. Hodge, Founding father of Earth Temple and CEO of Earth Temple Corp.

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